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Top Ten Game Worlds I Love to Play in

Dave and I have recently gotten into Terraria, which you can read about in our ongoing Terraria journal.  The pure joy we’ve been experiencing by playing around in the Terraria world got us talking about what our favorite game universes are.  This list ranges from franchises to one-off titles, and the main criteria to make the list was how much fun I’ve had simply “existing” in these worlds.  So let’s get the list started with the most recent game in the top ten:

10 Terraria

Terraria is a pretty unique game, despite its obvious inspiration, Minecraft.  The world Terraria drops you in will be unique, but it is created using certain design parameters.  Every Terraria world will have 4 or 5 sky islands.  Every world will have lava and a “hell” area if you dig deep enough.  But aside from a few main characteristics, you’ll be given a giant world full of caves, forests, deserts and more to explore.  Along the way you’ll encounter many types of enemies and building materials, find some random houses built with gold brick, and a few more surprises I can’t spoil.  The world of Terraria might not be the same for every player, but I can guarantee the world it creates for you will be a lot of fun. Read the rest of this entry


Top 10 Pre Y2K PC games

I played a lot of games as a kid, but there were a few games during my rat bastard childhood that just had me glued to my computer ANYTIME i was “home sick from school”. These are games that basically raised me. Many dinners got cold next to my keyboard and mouse. Many errands were missed, though to be fair, i didnt really run “errands” as a kid.
I can still hear my dads voice booming down the stairs “David!, let someone else use the computer!”. Now keep in mind this was pre year 2000; the only other reason to use a computer was for ICQ or mIRC accounts, so I didnt see why anyone but me would even need it.

These are my top 10 pre Y2K PC games

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Top 10 E3 2011

10.  Mass Effect 3


We all knew it was coming.  The heavy hitting sci-fi rpg is in its third installment, and looks to end the trilogy (though we all know well most likely see more of the universe after this game).  We’re told the biggest change is making the game focus more on movement and gameplay.  Commander Shepherd even has a new melee omni blade knife kill which looks impressive.  Probably the biggest new feature was the Kinect functionality.  It seems youll be able to have an added experience using the Kinect to voice command your squad and also to read the dialogue on-screen instead of just pressing A.  Although, the honest truth is that its a little weird for you to say something out loud, only for Commander Shepherd to repeat what you’ve just said – it’d be neat if it actually just put you in the game.  This game had to make the list, only because it’s Mass Effect; A game series we’ve never been let down by yet.


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Top 5 of ALL TIME: Favorite Games (Part 2)

Alright so the plan is to round this list up to a top 10. Firstly so it properly pertains to this category of the blog and secondly because it damn near drove me insane to only have 5 of my favorites listed. These will go from 10 to 6.

First I want to give honorable mentions to a few titles:

Mortal Kombat II, Mario 64, Shadows of the Empire (64), Star Fox, Lemmings, Adventures of Lolo, Mass Effect, EA’s NHL Series (since the beginning), Final Fantasy X, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2,  Flashback, Bart’s Nightmare, Mega Man, Dr. Mario. This never ends…

With careless readers in mind, I will try to make the blurbs on these last 5 games considerably shorter. Onward!

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Top 5 of All Time (So far): Favorite Games

Here it is, amigos! The mother of all personal “top” lists. Now, I realize that is should be a Top 10 but, believe me, 5 was agonizing enough. I guess I will do a 2-part list to complete it as a top 10.

I also realize how trivial it is to post about my personal favorite games.. So we will call this  a sort of time capsule in the form of a list. Will I look back at this in 30 years and still agree with myself? Stay tuned!

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