Top 10 Pre Y2K PC games

I played a lot of games as a kid, but there were a few games during my rat bastard childhood that just had me glued to my computer ANYTIME i was “home sick from school”. These are games that basically raised me. Many dinners got cold next to my keyboard and mouse. Many errands were missed, though to be fair, i didnt really run “errands” as a kid.
I can still hear my dads voice booming down the stairs “David!, let someone else use the computer!”. Now keep in mind this was pre year 2000; the only other reason to use a computer was for ICQ or mIRC accounts, so I didnt see why anyone but me would even need it.

These are my top 10 pre Y2K PC games

10. King’s Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow (1992)

If you dont know the name Roberta Williams, we could never be friends.
Kings Quest 6 was the game that took over my point-and-click adventure obsession after I was done with Space Quest 4.  This game looked better than anything I had seen up to this point.
There was a CD-ROM version released in 1993, but I couldnt play that version.  Even still, the game looked amazing.  This was one of the first games I played that had full FMV sequences

The most memorable points would be crossing the River Styx, Fighting the Minotaur, and the Chess world.
I remember this game being so difficult for some reason, and this was before the internet had things like Gamefaqs or other sites like it (that I knew of anyway).  I actually remember being stuck and having to ask a friend who had beaten it how to get past a certain spot.  wow

Great game though

Look how handsome you were if you had the right videocard!

9. Space Quest 4: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers (1991)

The year was 1991. Sierra was the king of PC gaming (kind of), and point-and-click adventures were swarming the market. I still remember having 7 floppy discs to install this game as I didnt even have a DVD drive (those were for the rich).
To me, this was the opus of the Space Quest series. As Roger Wilco, you travel through time visiting past and future Space Quest games. Yeah I know this doesnt make a lot of sense, but it didnt have to. I knew I had to defeat the evil Sludge Vohaul, that was pretty much it.

Basically this game played just as all other classic Sierra games did. You point and click where you want to walk. You have items to use, puzzles to solve, theres no fighting mechanics, it’s all adventure. This game parodies a LOT of science fiction, but most notably rips from star wars 80% of the time. I really cant think of how to explain the story, other than to say youre time travelling through space quest games running into hilarious parody situations while helping out bikini clad babes of Estros attempting to thwart the evil Sludge Vohaul.

How the hell did they predict Daft Punk??

8. simcity 2000 (1994)

There were a lot of sim games that came out before year 2000, and im sure a lot of people would have flames shooting out of their asses at me for listing Simcity 2000 and NOT Sid Meiers Civilization.  Deal with it.  I was a kid and couldnt stand the complexity of the Civ series (hell, I still cant), but SimCity 2000 was advanced, yet simple enough for me to grasp it even when I was a young gun.  I think it’s a guy thing, or so I hear, but building a full city and having everything work the way I wanted… it was a dream come true.  Visually, the game was a blast to those of us that remember the graphics of the original SimCity.

I still remember how pissed off I would get trying to place water lines, and when multiple blocks would lose power, OR when traffic would get so stupid because your people didnt know how to use sidestreets.  That was the magic of this game though, you had to adapt to your city, not the other way around.

Now there were so many great sim games like SimCity 2000 (SimAnt anyone? hah), but this is deffinitely the one I put most of my time into.

Two words: NOT FAIR

7. Star Wars: TIE Fighter (1993)

Flight Sims! Yet another staple of old PC gaming. I dont even know if flight sim games are still being made, as HAWX (CAWX) doesnt count at all. Tie Fighter; combining my love of star wars and old school flight simulators?? Hells yeah! So if you havent played a flight sim before, you play from the perspective of the cockpit, and fly… pretty straight forward. Tie Fighter had 360 degrees of flight, as it was a space flight sim. Not to mention the Star Wars cutscenes between each mission that further along the story as you progress. This is the ultimate space flight simulator, and thats all I have to say about that.

Cruisers are bigger than you, its a fact.

6. Maniac Mansion 2: Day of the Tentacle (1993)

Led by Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman, Lucasarts hit a homerun with Day of the Tentacle. Schafers twisted but hilarious vision is more than prevalent in this time travelling, evil purple tentacle deflating point-and-click adventure game.
One of my favorite videogame characters of all time is in this game by the way:

This is Hoagie, and hes awesome

You play as one of three central characters, switching every so often as the story progresses. As I said earlier, you’re off to stop an evil sentient tentacle from world domination.
This game has one of the strongest character bases I’ve ever seen in a videogame. Just thinking about some of the crazy antics they got into make me still laugh to this day. PLUS, there are a lot of actual historical characters in the game… so it teaches kids things too! Maybe not… ya know, the 100% truth of history, but still


5. Duke Nukem 3D (1996)

So I played a LOT of Duke Nukem in between the release dates of the DOOM games and Half-Life.  It, along with Quake, was my filler with FPS titles.

This was actually the first FPS game I remember being able to jump in.  Also the evnironment interactivity and humor were the biggest selling points.
Clearly based on Arnold Scharwzenneger and Bruce Campbell, Duke Nukem instantly became an action hero (remember this was the mid 90’s, when action heroes were actually bad ass and not over-analyzed like they are these days).

The quips from the man himself were always hilarious, but the level design I think was the best part of the whole game.  There was usually more than 1 way to get where you needed to go, something Duke Nukem Forever could NOT get right.  The guns were new, compared to other FPS games, and I still tear up a little when I hear some of the midi music tracks (rockin on my awesome sound blaster 16 card!…)

Oh yeah, plus there were lots of tittays.

Blow it out your ass....

4. Starcraft (1998)

This is one of the newest games on my top 10, but man what a game. I did play through the Warcraft games, and Command and Conquer, so I went into this feeling like i was gonna tear ass. I quickly learned this isnt just a reskinned Warcraft clone. The story sucks you right in, and the amount of times i REPLAYED the entire campaign is disgusting.
I played this online, but I was very bad at it compared to others (Im not Korean).
This is deffinitely the most time I’ve ever spent in my life playing an RTS game, as I even tried to make my own levels with the map editor that came with it. One of the best parts of the entire game are the lines taken directly from the movie ALIENS:
“Were in the pipe, 5 by 5”
“‘Were in for some chop”


3. Diablo (1996)

First I want to say that I played Diablo 2 a lot more than the original, but Diablo 2 was released in 2000, so it missed this list by the short and curlies.
Diablo was actually an action RPG that you could take online and play with people all over the internet. was introduced, and opened a world of possibilities.
The gameplay is still pretty solid when comparing it to games nowadays.  Sure graphically its a joke now, but back then… man.  The dark gothic classic RPG feel of the whole game just gave you chills.  The overall storyline of hunting down DIABLO?  come on, tell me you werent scared playing this game, I dare you.

The funniest part about Diablo though was the clickfest it created.  Since you had to click to attack, if there was someone in a room next to you, all they could hear was a constant barrage of fast clicking (stopping for brief periods while you snacked on Cheetos).

With a cameo from Sean Connery a la Deckard Cain (no not really), this game couldve only been better if everyone in the game was voiced by Patrick Stewart.

Diablo was the first time i played a game online and had someone hack it so they could kill me IN TOWN.  My first foray into the world of online douche-baggery.  Thanks!

For some reason the Warrior dude had green skin...

2. DOOM, DOOM2: Hell on Earth (1993, 1994)

It’s rare that games are released with absolutely NO problems at all. The Doom series unfortunately prooves this rarity, as there is only ONE thing wrong with this game. There is no jump button.
If I have to explain why i spent so much friggin time playing DOOM and DOOM2, then it shouldnt even be on this list.
Yes, i did play Wolfenstein before this, so it wasnt my first foray into FPS gaming… but it was the first the sucked the years out of me. Funny how games nowadays cant make a lasting single player campaign, and put all this effort into multiplayer gameplay, yet DOOM was ultimately (unless you were a supernerd and had a LAN network) singleplayer and I spent SO much time replaying it over and over again.
Space marines, demons, hell, chainsaws, badass gloves, the most gore a child could handle… it wouldve all been perfect if only you could jump.

Pretty much the best screenshot of any video game ever

1. Half-life (1998)

I played a ton of FPS games on pc when I was young.  Its crazy it didnt lead me to become a super crazed killer huh?  Im looking at YOU Fox News!
The thing this game had that the others did not was a cohesive story that actually brought you into the game.  I remember playing it and credits were rolling IN GAME.  Man that blew my mind for some reason, and a ton of games are still doing that to this day.

Half-Life 1 was clearly ahead of its time, as are most games by Valve (except Left4Dead, sorry, I said it).  Not only were you a scientist and not a big buff marine, but the game was based around science AND undead things… not to mention other realms of existence and awesome combat (You can jump!).

Also, the enemies actually were kind of intelligent.  Usually people just ran into your bullets in other FPS games.  Flanking?  what the hell is that, and why are they…. AH!

Half -Life, I love you.

This is your posse... OF SCIENCE!


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