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Warm Gun Trailer: This Game Looks Awesome!

The iOS devices have had some good and bad multiplayer shooters, with the majority being pretty bad.  The biggest issue most encounter is crappy connections, leading to getting dropped from games or jittery gameplay.  We have high hopes for the upcoming “Warm Gun,” which not only looks like it plays great, but is cowboy-themed. Check out the trailer below:


Breaking News: Ganon Will Not Be In Skyward Sword


With the new Skyward Sword trailer that was showcased a few days ago at Comic-Con 2011 came the unveiling of a new villain for what is, or should be, the most beloved franchise in gaming history. According to the original story on IGN, the Zelda producers have stated that Ganon will not appear in the upcoming Wii game this holiday season.

Just above Skyrim, Skyward Sword is my most anticipated game by a long shot. Given the title of our blog, i’m sure that I speak for the others here when say I that this news is relatively massive.. As it likely is for any Zelda fan, being that Ganon has obviously appeared in everything that has had anything to do with Zelda since day one. I shouldn’t have to tell anyone this shit.

His name is Lord Ghirahim.

He's being called a David Bowie look-alike. I'd call him Cindy Lauper


Also, expect a lot more aspects of familiarity in the Zelda universe to be shaken-up.

Pretty interesting stuff.


More Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Footage Surfaces at SDCC

A new 2-minute clip from the upcoming Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was unveiled at San Diego Comicon.  Click below to watch all the bonerrific action.

Prototype 2 “Homecoming” Trailer


Courtesy of, we now have a new trailer for Prototype 2.  I didn’t play a whole hell of a lot of the original, but I really feel interested to play this one for some reason.  I think it’s pretty badass that you’re antagonist is the protagonist from the first game… dammit, so I AM gonna have to go play through it before I play this…

Yet another game I don’t have time for!

If you havent seen the original trailer for this game yet though, you can check it out here

Goldeneye 007: Reloaded Reveal


Remember Just yesterday when I posted leaked photos for the possible New 007 game? well turns out I shouldve just waited!

Goldeneye 007: Reloaded is going to be a re imagining or a re imagining.  Goldeneye from the N64 was recreated and released on the Wii.  With Activision clearly not pleased with the general reception of the game, they did what should have happened in the first place – release the damned game on all consoles!

Itll never live up to the hype of the N64 version, but if you’ve been following this game, it’s not trying to.  This is inspired, not upgraded, so keep that in mind!

The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer


Yeah I know, we cover videogames, and videogame topics here at Ganon Fodder.

I really just couldnt help myself about posting the new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, since I’m pretty pumped about it.  Jordan made a joke about the originality of the name, but then again he also didn’t like Arkham Asylum (aka not a Batman fan).

Not much happens in this that we hadn’t already guessed, but you can clearly see that Batman is about to get his ass HANDED to him by a towering Bane.    Also it’s just a teaser…

Just hearing the dialogue with the subtle music in the background has whet my appetite.  Bring it on Chris Nolan, the contents of my wallet are yours!

Batman: Arkham City, The Riddler Trailer

We’ve been getting a lot more infortmation quicker than I thought we would about this gem of a game.

We’ve seen Two-Face and Catwoman, Hugo Strange, new henchmen for every villain, and a nice looking Harley Quinn.  We’ve also heard that Robin is going to be a playable character.

Whats new to us is this brand spankin new trailer highlighting the Riddlers involvement.  Well, maybe its more about lowlighting… cause it moreso just hints at what to expect.

check it out already!


Tom Clancys’ Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – A Timeline

So E3 is over and theres a little bit too much to digest.  Mostly, this year was focused on the games, and MAN… I gotta say, color me impressed with E3 this year (No laser tag shenanigans!).

One of the games that I’ve been interested in for a LONG time, is Future Solder.  I remember all the Ghost Recon games, and Advanced Warfighter games.  Im a self proclaimed Clancy nut (though Im pretty sure Amos calls me that all the time anyway), so finally seeing a focus on the new Future Soldier; I couldnt have been happier.

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Mass Effect 3 to Have Unprecedented Epicness

Among others the Mass Effect franchise is a personal favorite of mine and it goes without saying that I am damn near dying for the release of Mass Effect 3 for the Xbox 360. Its a new galactic war! ME3 promises to be even more enormous in scale and judging by the sneak peaks at this years E3 it looks to be more action-oriented than the previous two installments. The game is also going to be Kinect-supported. You will be able to physically say which line of conversation you want to say and command your team with impressive looking voice-recognition.

Check the latest gameplay trailer:

Best News Ever: Farcry 3

FARCRY 3!  That’s really all I can say about it.  Farcry 2 is one of my favorite FPS ever, so this announcement was the best possible thing that could come out of E3 2011 for me.  Check out the 7 minutes of gameplay footage with developer commentary: