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My Time with Bioshock 2: Part 2

I think the first Bioshock game is one of the best FPS games of the last five years. The story was strong and the environment of the “Utopian” city of Rapture fascinated me in a way few video games have. The sequel, developed by 2K Marin and 2K Australia, had high expectations to live up to, and I’m sad to report that its story is not as strong as its predecessor. Fortunately, the plasmids and guns are much improved and make Bioshock 2 a joy to play, even without a strong story.

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Mass Effect 3 to Have Unprecedented Epicness

Among others the Mass Effect franchise is a personal favorite of mine and it goes without saying that I am damn near dying for the release of Mass Effect 3 for the Xbox 360. Its a new galactic war! ME3 promises to be even more enormous in scale and judging by the sneak peaks at this years E3 it looks to be more action-oriented than the previous two installments. The game is also going to be Kinect-supported. You will be able to physically say which line of conversation you want to say and command your team with impressive looking voice-recognition.

Check the latest gameplay trailer:

Nintendo Unveils New Platform at E3 2011

Wii U

Most of the questions have finally been answered and rumors addressed at E3 2011. The new Nintendo home console has officially been unveiled and will be called the Wii U (pronounced WEEYOO).
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iPhone Game of the Month: Uniwar


I’ve been a huge advocate of the iPhone/iPod Touch over the last couple years (not that Apple needs any help), and one of my favourite activities is playing multiplayer games on my iPod Touch 4 with my little brother.  The best types of multiplayer iPhone games (in my humble opinion) are the kind that have asynchronous multiplayer.  Think Words with Friends: you take a turn at a game, send the turn to your friend, and they take their turn whenever they have time.  It’s a bit like chess-by-mail, but modernized.  My brother and I played Words with Friends and Disc Drivin’ (both amazing games) but recently I’ve been hunting for something new.  Turn-based-strategy seemed like a natural fit for asynchronous multiplayer, so we picked up this little game called Uniwar.

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Teaser Trailer

So E3 is right around the bend and we’re gonna cover as many things as we can here at Ganon Fodder.
There are a lot of games I’m looking forward to, but a gem the internet thought was scrapped recently came back to life.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

It’s said to be a spiritual sequel to the James Cameron film Aliens.  Developed by Gearbox – the same developer who brought us Borderlands and Duke Nukem Forever (well… not yet).  Seriously.

Heres a little tease:

Top 5 of ALL TIME: Favorite Games (Part 2)

Alright so the plan is to round this list up to a top 10. Firstly so it properly pertains to this category of the blog and secondly because it damn near drove me insane to only have 5 of my favorites listed. These will go from 10 to 6.

First I want to give honorable mentions to a few titles:

Mortal Kombat II, Mario 64, Shadows of the Empire (64), Star Fox, Lemmings, Adventures of Lolo, Mass Effect, EA’s NHL Series (since the beginning), Final Fantasy X, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2,  Flashback, Bart’s Nightmare, Mega Man, Dr. Mario. This never ends…

With careless readers in mind, I will try to make the blurbs on these last 5 games considerably shorter. Onward!

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Top 5 of All Time (So far): Favorite Games

Here it is, amigos! The mother of all personal “top” lists. Now, I realize that is should be a Top 10 but, believe me, 5 was agonizing enough. I guess I will do a 2-part list to complete it as a top 10.

I also realize how trivial it is to post about my personal favorite games.. So we will call this  a sort of time capsule in the form of a list. Will I look back at this in 30 years and still agree with myself? Stay tuned!

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My Top 5 Gaming Podcasts, Past and Present

I’ve been listening to gaming podcasts since 2006.  I realize that it’s a very nerdy activity, but sometimes I need something other than music to listen to (especially when playing a game like Peggle), and podcasts turned out to be the perfect thing.  In 2006, my friend – a long time iPod aficionado – told me that a podcast was a specialized radio show available on the internet.  He explained that podcast allowed people to talk about certain subjects that could never make it on normal radio because they didn’t appeal to a big enough market.  Intrigued, I proceeded to go to my favorite gaming site at the time,, where I discovered the now-defunct 1up Yours podcast.  I enjoyed it so much that I’ve continued listening to 5 or 6 podcasts every week since.   The introduction of podcasts to the gaming press added a different dynamic to the names we always read under the headlines of articles.  It allowed us to get to know them more as people, and gain a different perspective on the material they wrote.  Needless to say, podcasts are awesome.  Here are my top 5:

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Mission Statement

Hello, this is Jordan Pearson and I am going to be one of the main contributors to this little blog, along with a few of my friends.  Our goal here at Purple Future is to present a different perspective on gaming than you get from many of the popular gaming sites out there.  We love many of these sites and they create wonderful comprehensive video game content.  Even if we tried we couldn’t emulate Joystiq or IGN, so we are simply hoping to write honest articles on video games in a variety of ways.  There will be reviews, previews, and commentary on news events, but most of the content will be editorials on games we are playing currently.  As we aren’t in the mainstream gaming press, we don’t get free games and have jobs, so we play older games all the time.  We can’t promise comprehensive coverage, but we can promise that we will try our hardest to present quality articles about interesting subjects.  Hope you enjoy