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Terraria: Day Two

Note: Check out part one of our Terraria diary here.

So we knew that building shelter was going to be our main focus.  We also knew that we could dig and gather resources to make better tools and weapons – we just didn’t have a clue as to exactly what we could make.

We started building the inside of our shelter – all the while expanding outward.  Our shelter was now turning into a house, but we had ambitions for a large scale castle… clearly.  We put up walls, torches, tables, doors, everything people would need to call their house a home.  Suddenly we were alerted, “Guide has arrived!”.  We had our first visitor!  The Guide offered us some assistance, and told us what we could craft with the items we currently had.  He was kind of dink, but we decided to let him stay in our house.  Only 1 night after, we had a Merchant appear, and was interested in selling us items!  We finally had a use for the gold we found from destroying green slimes!

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Top Ten Game Worlds I Love to Play in

Dave and I have recently gotten into Terraria, which you can read about in our ongoing Terraria journal.  The pure joy we’ve been experiencing by playing around in the Terraria world got us talking about what our favorite game universes are.  This list ranges from franchises to one-off titles, and the main criteria to make the list was how much fun I’ve had simply “existing” in these worlds.  So let’s get the list started with the most recent game in the top ten:

10 Terraria

Terraria is a pretty unique game, despite its obvious inspiration, Minecraft.  The world Terraria drops you in will be unique, but it is created using certain design parameters.  Every Terraria world will have 4 or 5 sky islands.  Every world will have lava and a “hell” area if you dig deep enough.  But aside from a few main characteristics, you’ll be given a giant world full of caves, forests, deserts and more to explore.  Along the way you’ll encounter many types of enemies and building materials, find some random houses built with gold brick, and a few more surprises I can’t spoil.  The world of Terraria might not be the same for every player, but I can guarantee the world it creates for you will be a lot of fun. Read the rest of this entry

Terraria: Day One


The following are the events of Dave and Jordan while living in the world of Terraria.

Upon starting the game with a wooden pickaxe in hand, we decided to explore this wonderfully-pixelated world.  We soon discovered that our pickaxes could chop through mud, dirt, and stone.  After chopping through these materials, we could then place them as we wanted – we were building!  We were also givin an axe, meant to chop down trees, of course. 
Dave figured out that he could build a workbench from the wood that he collected, allowing him to craft even more items.  Unfortunately, as Dave was placing his workbench, a horrendous slime monster approached.  We swung blindly at the beast, but barely hurt it.  Not having the skills to fight yet, we failed.  We both quickly succumbed to the slimy blob, exploding in a shower of 16-bit viscera.

A green and blue slime... blue is clearly way tougher

Horrified, we soon discovered that slimes weren’t the only creatures that would plague us.
As the sun set, we had no idea what we were in for that night.  While we cheerfully pickaxed at stone and dirt, out of the shadows came a green figure.  Jordan yelled “Zombie!!!”, and then we panicked.  Harvesting supplies was no longer our main concern.  We attempted to fight off the zombies, however we were too weak and were getting overrun.  After building a dirt hut to cover in, we watched the zombies trying to find a way in.  Then we saw a small silhouette of a baseball fly through the sky. 
“what the hell was that?” said Jordan.
“That…. looked like a floating eyeball”

It was clear we would have to do one specific thing: build ourselves a house where we can seek refuge from the monsters in our world


As the sun rose, our stress and panic wore off.  After chopping some stone blocks to build our house with, we learned that we could craft a fireplace at the workbench using wood and some gel we obtained from finally kicking the shit out of the slimes. 

We had finally created what we needed to assure our survival, but we still needed some type of shelter.  Instead of a house, we decided on a castle.  Not just any castle, a monstrous castle, dubbed “new winterfell” out of an affection for Game of Thrones. Since we had a theme to follow, we knew what to do. An ancient forest. A garden. A conference/throne room. Towers with weird discs on the top. It would all be built on the hallowed grounds of the north. 
However, all we had was a dirt hut. 
We knew we had a lot of work ahead of us…

Terraria: Video Game Heroin

So Dave and I have recently been trying out Terraria, and if you’re wondering why we’ve had so few posts in the last week, it’s because we are both addicted at this point.  Terraria, a PC game available on Valve’s Steam service, is 2D Minecraft.  I didn’t want to portray Terraria in this way, but there’s no avoiding it, it is completely based on Minecraft.  I’m not going to explain how Minecraft works in this post (I’ll save the basics for the review), but Minecraft – and by virtue of its shameless emulation – Terraria are sandbox games.  Tasked with doing nothing more than you want to, you’ll merrily chop away at pixelated blocks of dirt and stone to gain materials to craft awesome weapon and armor items.  You can also craft all manner of decorative items to build your own little house, or in our case giant castle.  Those are the core elements of the gameplay, but there is so much more. Read the rest of this entry