Top 5 of ALL TIME: Favorite Games (Part 2)

Alright so the plan is to round this list up to a top 10. Firstly so it properly pertains to this category of the blog and secondly because it damn near drove me insane to only have 5 of my favorites listed. These will go from 10 to 6.

First I want to give honorable mentions to a few titles:

Mortal Kombat II, Mario 64, Shadows of the Empire (64), Star Fox, Lemmings, Adventures of Lolo, Mass Effect, EA’s NHL Series (since the beginning), Final Fantasy X, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2,  Flashback, Bart’s Nightmare, Mega Man, Dr. Mario. This never ends…

With careless readers in mind, I will try to make the blurbs on these last 5 games considerably shorter. Onward!

10. GTA: San Andreas (Playstation 2)

Freedom to be an idiot. Check.

I know, I know.. But it had to be done. Maybe its my secret love for NWA, maybe its my not-so-secret love for pure sandbox freedom. The previous GTA titles and GTA IV were all well and good but as CJ; you had to eat (or not eat) and stay active and work out to keep your figure. Ridiculous! The RPG elements are what make this game tick. The customization of most cars, your hair, clothing and tattoos.. The aforementioned physique-shaping. Then there is the pointless violence and jetpacking. This game is one of the funnest ever.

9. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Xbox 360)

Oblivion = The meaning of the word "depth"

Holy mother of hell this game is a monster. I will keep tomyself the amount of hours I spent playing and loving Bethesda’s “Oblivion”. For the money we spend on modern games upon their release there is no other that will have given you its moneys worth in length of playability like this one. It’s sheer scope is also massive and the NPC’s in Oblivion are much more realistic than in its predecessor (and any game before it) Morrowind. Simply RPG heaven.

8. DOOM (MS-DOS/Microsoft WIndows)

Ah, this brings me back to childhood and the old B-Waban days. The B-Waban (Sp?) was a sort of free public computer lab ran by native people in my home town. This was back when the internet was either bran new or non-existent. I remember they held a little town-wide DOOM tournament and the prizes were as follows (I’m not kidding):

3rd Prize: A 2 liter bottle of RC Cola

2nd Prize: A giant tie-dyed t-shirt. I mean this thing was at least an XL.

1st Prize: The worst “ghetto blaster” known to man. It didn’t blast anything.

Anyway, I wanted the pop but I didn’t come close.

7. Knights of the Old Republic II: Sith Lords (Xbox)

What a sequel

One of the best sequels ever in my opinion if you consider the fact that BioWare didn’t even make it (they made the first one). Obsidian Entertainment did. Well I guess those guys deserve a big round of slaps on the ass. Good job, men! In my mind I see this and the first Old Republic game to be one. I preferred the first but this one stayed, very successfully, with what I was so obsessed with in KotOR 1.

6. Super Mario World (Super NES)

Yoshi is born..

Super Mario World launched what is probably the best gaming system in my opinion: The Super NES. This game could easily be above any game for me. If I spent a pathetic amount of time thinking about this list it may actually end up at the top of it. I seriously doubt that I need to tell you of all the MANY reasons why I love this game so much. So, instead I have decided to just post a few screenshots of other games that came out in the same year as this game. These games are all amazing and all belong in a longer list of this kind but my point is how amazingly polished Super Mario World was for It’s time.

The year was 1990:

Click images to enlarge

Mega Man 3

Final Fantasy


Snake's Revenge


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