Top 10 E3 2011

10.  Mass Effect 3


We all knew it was coming.  The heavy hitting sci-fi rpg is in its third installment, and looks to end the trilogy (though we all know well most likely see more of the universe after this game).  We’re told the biggest change is making the game focus more on movement and gameplay.  Commander Shepherd even has a new melee omni blade knife kill which looks impressive.  Probably the biggest new feature was the Kinect functionality.  It seems youll be able to have an added experience using the Kinect to voice command your squad and also to read the dialogue on-screen instead of just pressing A.  Although, the honest truth is that its a little weird for you to say something out loud, only for Commander Shepherd to repeat what you’ve just said – it’d be neat if it actually just put you in the game.  This game had to make the list, only because it’s Mass Effect; A game series we’ve never been let down by yet.


9.  Assassin’s Creed: Revelations


The CGI trailer was amazing, consisting of Ezio as an old man having visions of Altair and almost getting hanged, all set to a weird-but-awesome song.  Ubisoft does those CGI trailers as well as anyone in the business.  The demo got us even more excited, however, as it showed Ezio fighting his way through the streets of a middle-eastern-looking town, using some new gadgets along the way.  Clearly at this point, Ezio isn’t really an assassin, but more of an overt action hero, but we’re okay with that since Ubisoft has spent 2 games fleshing out his character.  We were skeptical about the yearly sequel issue for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, but were pleasantly surprised to find a full sequel.  This means we’re pretty sure Revelations is going to be just as amazing as the prior Assassin’s Creed titles.  Christmas can’t come soon enough!


8.  Bioshock Infinite


Ken Levine’s influence on Irrational Games Bioshock led to one of the best games of this console generation.  Unfortunately, many people (including some of us at Ganon Fodder) felt that Bioshock 2 lacked direction and felt less focused than its predecessor.  Fortunately, Levine and the gang at Irrational are back for Bioshock: Infinite, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.  The Infinite E3 demo showed us some familiar areas (for those that watched the 12-minute gameplay video that came out last fall), and gave us more insight into how the “traversing-by-rails” mechanic will work.  It also displayed a redesigned Elizabeth character (the female companion from the original trailer), which we were disappointed about, as we thought she looked cooler when she was creepy looking.  Those details are nitpicky, and the fact remains that Bioshock: Infinite looks like it will be one of the best FPS games we will play in the next year.


7.  Prey 2


We hadn’t really heard much about Prey 2 prior to E3.  There were a couple of viral videos put together , but really, nobody knew what to expect from Prey 2.  In the gameplay shown from E3, we see that this game is a MASSIVE departure from the original Prey.  You now play as a bounty hunter in space.  The game is open world and puts an emphasis on movement, with a new fluid movement system, which looks very impressive, almost more so than Mirrors Edge.  An interesting point is the game is being developed by Human Head Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.  An open world bounty hunting game with the Bethesda stamp of approval?  Imagine Blade Runner, Star Wars, Mass Effect and Crysis all had a slick bastard child together… thats all there is to say about this game.


6.  Ghost Recon: Future Soldier


The game that has had its release date pushed back more times than i actually remember (yeah, its been that long), is finally just about ready to go.  The game looks different from the previous gameplay trailer we saw at last years E3 (again, its been that long), but we’ll be damned if this didn’t get us wanting to get into the Ghosts boots again.  The tech that the Ghosts use is just marvelous looking, but I’ll be the first to admit that the game doesn’t look like some of the visual powerhouses out there these days.  Is this a fault?  not at all.  Ghost Recon games are all about squad control, advanced weaponry, and military tactics.  4 player Co-op? sold already.  However, one of the most interesting features shown off was the Kinect functionality.  You really just have to see it for yourself.

Daves note: This made me pissed I sold my Kinect, but only for a brief moment as memories of Kinect Adventures came bubbling up


5.  Battlefield 3


Finally some gameplay! It was no surprise that Battlefield 3 was going to be at E3, but that’s the beauty of how DICE have been handling the reveals of their opus.  We’re really loving the “here, this is what we’ve got, look at how pretty it is” approach they’re taking to this game.  More companies should do this (depending on the type of game of course), and let the gameplay speak for itself.  On that note, we were shown a level called “Thunder Run” which has you control a tank operator.  The reason this is in the top 10 is simply how damned beautiful this looks.  I know people will always want to play devils advocate and say “yeah, but a game needs to play well first!, but clearly the gameplay mechanics will be better than the other battlefield games – so you’ve no reason to worry.  If you watched this video and didn’t sit there drooling like an idiot, then congratulations.


4.  Skyrim


It’s hard not to be stoked about this game coming out in a few months.  The footage that Bethesda’s Todd Howard showed off was absolutely spectacular.  The whole “constellation skill trees” aspect seems like something you could spend hours on, and we’re glad to see that Bethesda is continuing with the same “gain character traits by doing stuff” system that was so great in Oblivion.  The demo showed off some stellar graphics with a jaw-dropping appearance from a giant dragon at the end.  We were already excited for this game, but Skyrim’s E3 2011 demo has taken that excitement to another level.


3.  Farcry 3


Everything we loved about the second game seems to be back, but the team at Ubisoft are learning from some of Farcry 2’s faults.  You will no longer be attacked by every person that sees you.  You won’t die from malaria unless you complete missions for medicine.  There will be a better fast travel system.  Farcry 3’s demo was all actual gameplay, and it spoke volumes for how immersive and different this game is from many of the top-tier FPS games these days.  We can’t wait for 2012!


2.  PSP Vita


It sounds like everything we wanted from the original PSP.  It’s got a camera, a touch screen (dubbed the “reacharound” touchscreen… hah), two analog sticks, and the graphics look fantastic.  We are excited to see the gap between console game and mobile game graphics becoming smaller and smaller.  The main attraction for the Vita at E3 was Drake’s Fortune: the Golden Abyss, and this demo alone has us extremely excited for when the Vita is released.


1.  Wii


Nintendo finally unveiled their much-speculated-upon “Wii-U” console, with its cool, iPad-looking controller.  Although there are some concerns with how the system will work when it is released in 2012 (ie. Only one Wii-U controller can be connected to the system), it’s great to see Nintendo release a console with some graphical power.  The demo reel Nintendo showed demonstrated some of the cool ways that the controller will be used with games, but the jury is still out on how revolutionary the Wii-U will be.



Halo 4


Surprised!?  Microsoft sure hopes so.  I was a little bit, but rumors before E3 hit that there would be a Halo 4 announced made it less impactful.  So we’re stepping back into the shoes of good ole Master Chief for a BRAND NEW TRILOGY.  A lot of gaming sites are ripping on this decision, saying things like “har har har, didnt we finish the fight?”, “way to milk a franchise” etc…  Let me just put on my non-elitist gaming gauntlets on and smack all of you in the mouth, as whats so wrong with more of a good thing?  Can’t say much about the game since not much was shown, but it’s not being developed by Bungie, and we all know how well the last non-Bungie Halo was (not even counting Halo Wars… at all… ever).  Im not the biggest Halo fan, but I’d deffinitely be interested to see what this is all about.


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