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Penguin goes Cockney in more Arkham City Footage

We are a little divided about Rocksteady Studio’s Arkham Asylum and the upcoming Arkham City here at Ganon Fodder.  Even those of us that don’t like the series (aka me) have been following the development of Arkham City, however, and Gamespot has posted the latest trailer featuring the Penguin.  Without further preamble, here the vid:


Duke Nukem Forever PC Review

First of all, It’s only suiting that my review of Duke Nukem Forver is late.

To those of you living on Mars, Duke Nukem Forever was in development from 1996 until it was released in 2011 (Although to be fair, im sure even Martians know this).

I remember everyone debating the possibility of the game being bad, but I kept saying “Even if it IS bad, it’s Duke friggin Nukem.  I know that I’m gonna like it regardless”; I had no idea what hot water I was getting myself into.

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Top Ten Game Worlds I Love to Play in

Dave and I have recently gotten into Terraria, which you can read about in our ongoing Terraria journal.  The pure joy we’ve been experiencing by playing around in the Terraria world got us talking about what our favorite game universes are.  This list ranges from franchises to one-off titles, and the main criteria to make the list was how much fun I’ve had simply “existing” in these worlds.  So let’s get the list started with the most recent game in the top ten:

10 Terraria

Terraria is a pretty unique game, despite its obvious inspiration, Minecraft.  The world Terraria drops you in will be unique, but it is created using certain design parameters.  Every Terraria world will have 4 or 5 sky islands.  Every world will have lava and a “hell” area if you dig deep enough.  But aside from a few main characteristics, you’ll be given a giant world full of caves, forests, deserts and more to explore.  Along the way you’ll encounter many types of enemies and building materials, find some random houses built with gold brick, and a few more surprises I can’t spoil.  The world of Terraria might not be the same for every player, but I can guarantee the world it creates for you will be a lot of fun. Read the rest of this entry

Making a Case for Bayonetta

In early 2010, Sega published Bayonetta.  The game, developed by Platinum Games and designed by Hideki Kamiya, was an over-the-top action game featuring a witch who strongly resembles Sarah Palin (see comparison below).  I looked at some of the preview coverage, but quickly wrote the game off as something that was geared towards a Japanese audience (mostly due to the bat-shit craziness of the story/cut scenes).  A year passed, and I completely forgot this game existed.  Then, one day I was catching up on some old Rebel FM episodes and IGN‘s Arthur Gies talked extensively about how great Bayonetta is.  Gies’ statement about how the “witch-time” mechanic in Bayonetta is the best version of Max Payne’s “bullet-time” in any video game piqued my interest, and I decided to check it out at EB Games.  After buying the game for fifteen dollars and playing through the game 3 times, I can firmly state that Bayonetta is one of the best action games out there.  If you wrote it off like I did, I strongly urge you to give it a chance.

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L.A. Noire: Making Bogart cool again?

Before playing L.A. Noire  for the Xbox 360 I had only heard of Film Noire.  After completing the game (a healthy 20-some hours), I still only have a vague sense of what the genre really entails.  As long it’s darkly-lit and involves some sort of prostitute?  Maybe.  But if the idea the developer’s at Team Bondi had was to get me downloading detective movies from the 40’s until I am well over my cap; they have triumphed in a big way.  Humphrey Bogart is, indirectly, the reason this game was made and this 3-disc marvel has inspired me to really watch his movies.  He now enjoys a pedestal above a lot of guys I once thought were cool.  Will this game replenish the public’s admiration for America’s leading man?  I doubt it.  But it sure made an impression on me.
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