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Warm Gun Trailer: This Game Looks Awesome!

The iOS devices have had some good and bad multiplayer shooters, with the majority being pretty bad.  The biggest issue most encounter is crappy connections, leading to getting dropped from games or jittery gameplay.  We have high hopes for the upcoming “Warm Gun,” which not only looks like it plays great, but is cowboy-themed. Check out the trailer below:


Buy this game: Stickman BMX for iOS

 Traction Games made a name for themselves with last year’s Stickman Skater ($0.99) for the iOS devices. Stickman Skater is one of my favorite iOS games, so I was pretty excited to see that Traction had released Stickman BMX, a sequel in spirit, even if it’s not based on the same sport. The screens from the game made it look exactly like Stickman Skater, which made the purchase a no-brainer.  After playing through all 60 levels in 2 days, I think it’s safe to say that Traction Games has delivered a killer sequel. If you have yet to buy it, watch the video below to see what you’re missing:

Buy Stickman BMX from the AppStore here for $0.99

More Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Footage Surfaces at SDCC

A new 2-minute clip from the upcoming Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was unveiled at San Diego Comicon.  Click below to watch all the bonerrific action.

Penguin goes Cockney in more Arkham City Footage

We are a little divided about Rocksteady Studio’s Arkham Asylum and the upcoming Arkham City here at Ganon Fodder.  Even those of us that don’t like the series (aka me) have been following the development of Arkham City, however, and Gamespot has posted the latest trailer featuring the Penguin.  Without further preamble, here the vid:

I, for one, welcome our new Apple overlords…

With news hitting the web that Apple has now sold 220 million iOS devices, we’d like to break down just how insane that is.  In the last year, Apple has sold 100 million iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches.  Last month the figure spiked to 37 million sales.  In one month.  Compare that to the approximate 4 million Nintendo 3ds that have sold since the device was released.  We’ve heard the talk about how the iOS devices aren’t gaming devices for ages, but at this point I think one could objectively state that Apple is stealing the gaming business away from companies that didn’t even recognize it as a competitor until it was too late.  We’ve already watched Apple steal the music business away from retailers that scoffed at the prospect of being outsold by a digital download service.  It would not be surprising to see Apple continue its upward sales trend and be the dominant gaming console within 5 years, and reactive decisions to emulate Apple’s devices (see: Wii-U) aren’t helping the big 3 stop Apple from stealing their business.  I game on my PC and Xbox 360, but I have to say I spend way more time gaming on my iPod Touch, even if I’m at home with access to the other systems.  So if your a gamer who has been holding off on buying an iOS device, just buy one now.  Resistance is futile.


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Review: Super Quickhook for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

In 2009, a little Indiana Jones-type character with a large collection of hats captured the hearts of iPhone owners everywhere.  The game I’m referring to is Jeremy Orlando/Rocketcat GamesHook Champ.  Hook Champ was the definition of a quality iPhone game, offering easy-to-pickup, hard-to-master gameplay, along with a huge amount of levels, unlockables items, and cool hats.  For the sequel to Hook Champ, Rocketcat decided to go bigger and better with Super Quickhook. Not only does Super Quickhook expand and improve on virtually every aspect of its predecessor, it also offers a new, Canabalt-style endless mode (which is randomly generated each time you start).  I strongly believe that Super Quickhook should be the “poster-boy” of iPhone games, and if someone asked me to show them why the iPhone should be taken seriously as a handheld gaming platform, this is the game I’d show them – and they’d love it.

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We All Know This is Why Peter Dinklage was Nominated for an Emmy

…And he deserves it!

Top Ten Game Worlds I Love to Play in

Dave and I have recently gotten into Terraria, which you can read about in our ongoing Terraria journal.  The pure joy we’ve been experiencing by playing around in the Terraria world got us talking about what our favorite game universes are.  This list ranges from franchises to one-off titles, and the main criteria to make the list was how much fun I’ve had simply “existing” in these worlds.  So let’s get the list started with the most recent game in the top ten:

10 Terraria

Terraria is a pretty unique game, despite its obvious inspiration, Minecraft.  The world Terraria drops you in will be unique, but it is created using certain design parameters.  Every Terraria world will have 4 or 5 sky islands.  Every world will have lava and a “hell” area if you dig deep enough.  But aside from a few main characteristics, you’ll be given a giant world full of caves, forests, deserts and more to explore.  Along the way you’ll encounter many types of enemies and building materials, find some random houses built with gold brick, and a few more surprises I can’t spoil.  The world of Terraria might not be the same for every player, but I can guarantee the world it creates for you will be a lot of fun. Read the rest of this entry

Review: The King of Fighters-i for iPhone

Up until now, Street Fighter 4 has dominated the fighting game genre on the iOS devices, delivering a near-console experience on handheld devices.  I love Street Fighter 4 on my fourth generation iPod Touch, and play it with my little brother all the time, however there is one glaring flaw with the game: the virtual stick.  It’s an inherent problem with the iOS devices – with no physical buttons to press, the only option left is to add buttons on the screen of device (which, as we all know, obstructs your view of the screen).  Well some iOS developers have been getting the virtual stick right (Gameloft, for example), Street Fighter 4’s virtual stick was pretty horrible.  Most of the time I’d be trying to perform an haduken but couldn’t get the precise movements correct on the janky virtual stick.  I’ve never played the King of Fighters games much, but when I saw that SNK Playmore was releasing an iOS version, I was pretty excited to see how the virtual stick would be handled, and I’m happy to report that Street Fighter 4 has a new challenger.  That’s right, The King of Fighters-i is officially the new best fighting game on the iOS platforms. Read the rest of this entry

Super Stickman Golf Review

Super Stickman Golf ($0.99) is a 2d physics-based game by Jordan Schidlowski (don’t you love how the Appstore has brought back one-man game development?) and distributed by Noodlecake games.  The description on the iTunes Appstore states “Super Stickman Golf is not just another 2D golf platformer, it is THE 2D GOLF PLATFORMER. Be Warned: VERY ADDICTIVE!”  Although most Appstore descriptions devolve into hyperbole, this one is actually pretty accurate.  Super Stickman Golf combines the recent trend of physics-based gameplay with the game of golf, turning the game into just what the description calls it: “The 2D Golf Platformer.” Read the rest of this entry