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Weekly Flashback: McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure

Sega Genesis

“Corporate Deathburger – Ronald McDonald!” – MDC

Every flashback I’ve done so far has been for nostalgic games that I liked (except for that conniving StarTropics)

What I originally wanted to do with these was blog about older, shitty games. They had to be old and especially stupid. I figured: the shittier – the funnier . .

Well, after playing this fucking treat, McDonald’s Treasureland Adventure, I checked my blood pressure and decided to finally write about a truly shitty game for once. A mistake, maybe.

I realized that shittier doesn’t equal funnier at all. It usually just equals shittier. One minute this game has me laughing like a mongolian idiot at how ridiculous it is — the next i’m spit-yelling at everything in my living room. My iced tea — out the window.

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Making a Case for Bayonetta

In early 2010, Sega published Bayonetta.  The game, developed by Platinum Games and designed by Hideki Kamiya, was an over-the-top action game featuring a witch who strongly resembles Sarah Palin (see comparison below).  I looked at some of the preview coverage, but quickly wrote the game off as something that was geared towards a Japanese audience (mostly due to the bat-shit craziness of the story/cut scenes).  A year passed, and I completely forgot this game existed.  Then, one day I was catching up on some old Rebel FM episodes and IGN‘s Arthur Gies talked extensively about how great Bayonetta is.  Gies’ statement about how the “witch-time” mechanic in Bayonetta is the best version of Max Payne’s “bullet-time” in any video game piqued my interest, and I decided to check it out at EB Games.  After buying the game for fifteen dollars and playing through the game 3 times, I can firmly state that Bayonetta is one of the best action games out there.  If you wrote it off like I did, I strongly urge you to give it a chance.

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