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Duke Nukem Forever PC Review

First of all, It’s only suiting that my review of Duke Nukem Forver is late.

To those of you living on Mars, Duke Nukem Forever was in development from 1996 until it was released in 2011 (Although to be fair, im sure even Martians know this).

I remember everyone debating the possibility of the game being bad, but I kept saying “Even if it IS bad, it’s Duke friggin Nukem.  I know that I’m gonna like it regardless”; I had no idea what hot water I was getting myself into.

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Teaser Trailer

So E3 is right around the bend and we’re gonna cover as many things as we can here at Ganon Fodder.
There are a lot of games I’m looking forward to, but a gem the internet thought was scrapped recently came back to life.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

It’s said to be a spiritual sequel to the James Cameron film Aliens.  Developed by Gearbox – the same developer who brought us Borderlands and Duke Nukem Forever (well… not yet).  Seriously.

Heres a little tease: