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Fun Flash Sound Matrix

Sound (Tone) Matrix

Yo, Amigos.

Not necessarily a game, here. Just a great time-waster that I wanted to share with anyone who hasn’t messed around with it. It’s a simple Flash sound matrix where you just key in different squares for continuous tones. Its just fun to freestyle, experimenting with crescendos and bringing it back down again in different, interesting ways. Check er out, here.

Something else to check out:

If you like this sort of thing, it reminded me of a video I watched once where a favorite musician of mine, Jim O’rourke (who was part of a tour to showcase it it), was messing around on a real interesting little Japanese instrument. Its a called Tenori-on. It’s a device similar to the Flash sound matrix in that you can activate different LED’s to make sounds, but theres all kinds of ways to mess with the sounds using the Tenori-on. It was designed and made by Toshio Iwai, who also makes video games – most recently 2006’s Electroplankton for the Nintendo DS.

There’s lots of videos  on Youtube that show off the Tenori. Pretty wild stuff.


One Chance: Take Ten Minutes and Play this Game

One Chance is an interesting online game that you can play for free on Newgrounds. It’s a mini-adventure game with a focus on tough decisions and branching paths, but the main hook of the game is that you only play it once.

In One Chance, you play as a scientist who has discovered the cure for cancer.  Unfortunately, the cure ends up being a plague itself, and you have seven days to try to reverse the damage.  The premise is simple, but the choices you’ll have to make are not.  Should you go to work and do research in the hope of saving the world?  Or are you better off spending what little time you have left with your wife and daughter?

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The Day my Brother Beat QWOP

Clouds gathered in an ominous formation of lightning-spewing death.  The dismal sky unleashed sheets of bitter polluted rain, tainting the earth with the toxic scent of human life.  The day started out like any other for me, but at that point I was blissfully unaware of the humiliation that awaited.  It was April 15th, 2011, the day my brother, Ater, beat QWOP.

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