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Penguin goes Cockney in more Arkham City Footage

We are a little divided about Rocksteady Studio’s Arkham Asylum and the upcoming Arkham City here at Ganon Fodder.  Even those of us that don’t like the series (aka me) have been following the development of Arkham City, however, and Gamespot has posted the latest trailer featuring the Penguin.  Without further preamble, here the vid:


Batman: Arkham City, The Riddler Trailer

We’ve been getting a lot more infortmation quicker than I thought we would about this gem of a game.

We’ve seen Two-Face and Catwoman, Hugo Strange, new henchmen for every villain, and a nice looking Harley Quinn.  We’ve also heard that Robin is going to be a playable character.

Whats new to us is this brand spankin new trailer highlighting the Riddlers involvement.  Well, maybe its more about lowlighting… cause it moreso just hints at what to expect.

check it out already!


Catwoman Sounds Terrible in the New Arkham City Trailer

I’m pretty excited for the release of Arkham City, but the most recent trailer is giving me some anxiety.  One of the reasons Batman: Arkham Asylum was so great was the stellar voice acting throughout the game.  With many of the same voice actors returning (Kevin Conroy being the most important), I was expecting the same from its sequel.  Unfortunately, I’m not quite sure about the voice of Catwoman.  It’s tough to say until the final product is in our hands, but in the meantime check out this Catwoman-centric trailer that was recently released: