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I, for one, welcome our new Apple overlords…

With news hitting the web that Apple has now sold 220 million iOS devices, we’d like to break down just how insane that is.  In the last year, Apple has sold 100 million iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches.  Last month the figure spiked to 37 million sales.  In one month.  Compare that to the approximate 4 million Nintendo 3ds that have sold since the device was released.  We’ve heard the talk about how the iOS devices aren’t gaming devices for ages, but at this point I think one could objectively state that Apple is stealing the gaming business away from companies that didn’t even recognize it as a competitor until it was too late.  We’ve already watched Apple steal the music business away from retailers that scoffed at the prospect of being outsold by a digital download service.  It would not be surprising to see Apple continue its upward sales trend and be the dominant gaming console within 5 years, and reactive decisions to emulate Apple’s devices (see: Wii-U) aren’t helping the big 3 stop Apple from stealing their business.  I game on my PC and Xbox 360, but I have to say I spend way more time gaming on my iPod Touch, even if I’m at home with access to the other systems.  So if your a gamer who has been holding off on buying an iOS device, just buy one now.  Resistance is futile.


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Tiny Tower Review

Tiny Tower is a new freemium game for iOS devices that brings back fond memories of Sim Tower.  Developed by Nimblebit, Tiny Tower is like a mix between We Rule! and Game Dev Story. Now, both those games took over my life for extended periods of time, and fair warning: Tiny Tower is addictive as hell.  The best part is, The download is free, and as long as you don’t mind not being able to do everything instantaneously, you never have to spend a cent.

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iPhone Game of the Month: Uniwar


I’ve been a huge advocate of the iPhone/iPod Touch over the last couple years (not that Apple needs any help), and one of my favourite activities is playing multiplayer games on my iPod Touch 4 with my little brother.  The best types of multiplayer iPhone games (in my humble opinion) are the kind that have asynchronous multiplayer.  Think Words with Friends: you take a turn at a game, send the turn to your friend, and they take their turn whenever they have time.  It’s a bit like chess-by-mail, but modernized.  My brother and I played Words with Friends and Disc Drivin’ (both amazing games) but recently I’ve been hunting for something new.  Turn-based-strategy seemed like a natural fit for asynchronous multiplayer, so we picked up this little game called Uniwar.

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