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Buy this game: Stickman BMX for iOS

 Traction Games made a name for themselves with last year’s Stickman Skater ($0.99) for the iOS devices. Stickman Skater is one of my favorite iOS games, so I was pretty excited to see that Traction had released Stickman BMX, a sequel in spirit, even if it’s not based on the same sport. The screens from the game made it look exactly like Stickman Skater, which made the purchase a no-brainer.  After playing through all 60 levels in 2 days, I think it’s safe to say that Traction Games has delivered a killer sequel. If you have yet to buy it, watch the video below to see what you’re missing:

Buy Stickman BMX from the AppStore here for $0.99


Fun Flash Sound Matrix

Sound (Tone) Matrix

Yo, Amigos.

Not necessarily a game, here. Just a great time-waster that I wanted to share with anyone who hasn’t messed around with it. It’s a simple Flash sound matrix where you just key in different squares for continuous tones. Its just fun to freestyle, experimenting with crescendos and bringing it back down again in different, interesting ways. Check er out, here.

Something else to check out:

If you like this sort of thing, it reminded me of a video I watched once where a favorite musician of mine, Jim O’rourke (who was part of a tour to showcase it it), was messing around on a real interesting little Japanese instrument. Its a called Tenori-on. It’s a device similar to the Flash sound matrix in that you can activate different LED’s to make sounds, but theres all kinds of ways to mess with the sounds using the Tenori-on. It was designed and made by Toshio Iwai, who also makes video games – most recently 2006’s Electroplankton for the Nintendo DS.

There’s lots of videos  on Youtube that show off the Tenori. Pretty wild stuff.

Terraria: Day Two

Note: Check out part one of our Terraria diary here.

So we knew that building shelter was going to be our main focus.  We also knew that we could dig and gather resources to make better tools and weapons – we just didn’t have a clue as to exactly what we could make.

We started building the inside of our shelter – all the while expanding outward.  Our shelter was now turning into a house, but we had ambitions for a large scale castle… clearly.  We put up walls, torches, tables, doors, everything people would need to call their house a home.  Suddenly we were alerted, “Guide has arrived!”.  We had our first visitor!  The Guide offered us some assistance, and told us what we could craft with the items we currently had.  He was kind of dink, but we decided to let him stay in our house.  Only 1 night after, we had a Merchant appear, and was interested in selling us items!  We finally had a use for the gold we found from destroying green slimes!

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We All Know This is Why Peter Dinklage was Nominated for an Emmy

…And he deserves it!

Weekly Flashback: Blackthorne


Screw World of Warcraft. Yeah, your eyes aren’t “betraying” you (get it? you better not.)

I said screw it! I meant it, too. And furthermore, I really meant “Fuck it!”. Old-school Warcraft was cool.
Well, lets not use the word ‘cool‘ if we’re being honest. Lets use ‘fun‘.

This “World of Warcraft” is a world of ancient, Chinese pecker-bum torture. Watch as this motherloving substitute for the great outdoors, the trees and the grass, devours the brains of our socially challenged. Dear, Blizzard Entertainment. What the hell do you want with the dumb-brains you’re harvesting? They’re dumb brains! Well, by the time your game is done dinking them mightily, they are.
Your true greatest accomplishment? I think you know full well. We ALL know! Don’t we?! WHO’S WITH ME?! CHARRGGEE!

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Weekly Flashback: Road Rash series


For something different this week, lets do a trilogy. And what a trilogy! The Road Rash (Sega Genesis) games.

Illegal crotch-rocket street racing, whipping dudes named “Slug” in the neck with chains and bats, police brutality, a lesbian who wants nothing more than to beat your ass in. . . What more convincing would I have needed to play and love these puppies as an adolescent?

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Team Fortress 2 Goes Free to Play!

That’s right, the best online multiplayer FPS just went free-to-play, so go get it now from Valve’s Steam service!

Weekly Flashback: StarTropics (NES)

StarTropics really isn’t a game that I played growing up, only a title I knew of. It was the suggestion of a fellow compadre at Ganon Fodder, Dave, that I play and blog it.  Lord above knows  that I tried to keep shit PG while writing about what I think of this NES game but it is of my humble opinion that this is a feat that cannot be accomplished.

Having said that,

FUCK StarTropics!!

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Weekly Flashback (Bonus Round!): Arch Rivals












I will be dong a second “Weekly Flashback” blog every once in a while when my stupid, satirical hunger simply can’t resist. As it happens, this week’s BONUS ROUND!! will be Arch Rivals: A BasketBRAWL! (NES). This mother is just begging to be blogged about.

Note:  However unimportant it may be; all the images I use in these blogs are screenshots of the actual games that I have taken myself while playing them. . . The only exception being the physical cover images from the games. Those I stole.

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New Weekly Entries to Come: Hilarious Childhood Games

Yo Amigos,

I’ve decided to do a weekly thing on this blog to keep me “at it”. I recently bought a new Xbox 360 Gaming Controller for Windows and I’ve started playing with NES, SNES, and 64 emulators again (been too long). Although many of my favorite games growing up are still kicking my ass in, I somehow forgot just how hilarious they can be. I mean, I don’t have to tell anyone around my age how outrageous some of this old shit looks and plays now days. So I thought, what better a subject for a weekly entry here?

It will be aptly called: Weekly Flashback

We begin!