The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer


Yeah I know, we cover videogames, and videogame topics here at Ganon Fodder.

I really just couldnt help myself about posting the new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, since I’m pretty pumped about it.  Jordan made a joke about the originality of the name, but then again he also didn’t like Arkham Asylum (aka not a Batman fan).

Not much happens in this that we hadn’t already guessed, but you can clearly see that Batman is about to get his ass HANDED to him by a towering Bane.    Also it’s just a teaser…

Just hearing the dialogue with the subtle music in the background has whet my appetite.  Bring it on Chris Nolan, the contents of my wallet are yours!


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  1. “Bring it on Chris Nolan, the contents of my wallet are yours!”

    So, a Blockbuster card, some lint and a 26-year-old condom?

  2. Hahaha, apparently I was given a condom when I was 2???
    I can see my dad now, “here son, don’t make the same mistake i did…. wear a condom”

  3. He totally did wear a dome probably, but the Combover Seed is way too strong for mere latex, as for so long his beastly testis had been reinforced by such mighty tightie-bluey’s, like charcoal into diamonds

  4. Jordan Pearson

    Man that trailer looks so amazing. I hope the movie is an adaptation of the “knightfall” storyline where bane breaks batmans back… that was an epic comic run

  5. David Stanich

    Um… I really dont know who to respond to here…
    ill say yes to both!

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