Terraria: Day Two

Note: Check out part one of our Terraria diary here.

So we knew that building shelter was going to be our main focus.  We also knew that we could dig and gather resources to make better tools and weapons – we just didn’t have a clue as to exactly what we could make.

We started building the inside of our shelter – all the while expanding outward.  Our shelter was now turning into a house, but we had ambitions for a large scale castle… clearly.  We put up walls, torches, tables, doors, everything people would need to call their house a home.  Suddenly we were alerted, “Guide has arrived!”.  We had our first visitor!  The Guide offered us some assistance, and told us what we could craft with the items we currently had.  He was kind of dink, but we decided to let him stay in our house.  Only 1 night after, we had a Merchant appear, and was interested in selling us items!  We finally had a use for the gold we found from destroying green slimes!

The Guide

The Merchant

We decided we had to explore the far left and right, fighting off different colored slimes all the way.  The further we got, the more difficult the slimes were to destroy.  We had wooden weapons, no armor, we were no match for the stronger ones.  However, whats worse, while making our way back to our hut before the moon rose, we read that “The Blood Moon has risen”… !

We had no idea what this meant, but quickly found out.  The zombies and floating eyeballs came in massive numbers, and they were stronger too!  During a Blood Moon, we also found that Zombies will break out doors down… we had some serious troubles ahead of us.

Although we had made a great amount of progress towards having higher defensive stats and gaining better tools, we were still beset with most enemies.  There seemed to be only one that was friendly: the Rabbits that were joyfully hopping around our spawn area.  We were so excited to see a character in Terraria that wouldn’t harm us!  We even dug out a small “rabbit” pit where the rabbits could all chill and mingle.  But alas, soon after accumulating a troupe of 5 or 6 rabbits, The Blood Moon rose:

Turning this...

Into this!

Confused, I decided to see what the meaning of the purple rabbits were, how did they differ after their transformation?  I jumped into the pit and was immediately torn to bits by a team of evil bunnies.  Turns out that the blood moon turns bunnies feral, and the friendly little guys will bite your limbs off if you let them.  Demoralized, we once again realized the need for some sort of shelter to protect us from the hordes of enemy characters in the world.  Without further ado, we set out underground to mine enough materials for our castle.

Water falls as it should, in pixelated goodness!

We knew we would need a large amount of materials to build a huge castle so we dove underground to collect some stone and dirt to build with.

While digging deeper, we made a main mine shaft 3 squares wide so we could just fall if needed.  Water at the bottom helped, as you would certainly die if you fell too far without any sort of cushioning.  The music changed, and the light was almost non-existent.  The deeper we travelled, the more torches we needed to light our way.  We found stone, dirt, mud, and clay.  What really got us excited though was the random ore deposits.  We found large deposits of copper ore, smaller of iron ore, and even smaller of silver ore.

After travelling back up the mineshaft with what we had collected, the sun actually blinded us.  We had spent so long in the mines that we were no longer used to the glaring sunlight.

We crafted our ore into copper, iron, and silver bars… What we were REALLY after though were gold bars, we just didnt have any gold ore yet.

With the bars however, we found we could finally make some armor!
We were suddenly Knights of Winterfell, with our iron chain mail and swords.  The slimes and worms would fear our presence!

The world of Terraria was becoming a less fearful place to be, but the scariest (and most exciting), was the unknown depths that lay ahead…


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