Batman: Arkham City, The Riddler Trailer

We’ve been getting a lot more infortmation quicker than I thought we would about this gem of a game.

We’ve seen Two-Face and Catwoman, Hugo Strange, new henchmen for every villain, and a nice looking Harley Quinn.  We’ve also heard that Robin is going to be a playable character.

Whats new to us is this brand spankin new trailer highlighting the Riddlers involvement.  Well, maybe its more about lowlighting… cause it moreso just hints at what to expect.

check it out already!



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  1. Jordan Pearson

    After the last one, I’m hoping they give the license to Telltale or someone who will make a REAL Batman game! 😛

  2. David Stanich

    You’re the worst by the way!

    Its technically impossible to be a videogamer and NOT like the Rocksteady Batman games, or you secretly hate Batman

  3. Jordan Pearson

    I was gonna write a response but we will never agree! haha I trolled our own story.

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