Tiny Tower Review

Tiny Tower is a new freemium game for iOS devices that brings back fond memories of Sim Tower.  Developed by Nimblebit, Tiny Tower is like a mix between We Rule! and Game Dev Story. Now, both those games took over my life for extended periods of time, and fair warning: Tiny Tower is addictive as hell.  The best part is, The download is free, and as long as you don’t mind not being able to do everything instantaneously, you never have to spend a cent.

Tiny Tower begins with you building the first few floors of a skyscraper.  You’ll start with a lobby and apartments, which allows “bitizens” to move in. You can then begin building additional floors with businesses in them. The game gives you a choice of general purposes (ie. “food” or “service”), and after you make a choice, it will assign a specific theme to that business (for “food” it may become a pizza parlor, Chinese restaurant or a fine dining restaurant). Once you get a business, you can employ your bitizens tenants there.  Each tenant has specific tastes and career suitability, so you’ll have to choose wisely to be as efficient as possible.

Once you have a business built, you’ll begin stocking items for sale.  Each business can stock 3 items, but you’ll need 3 employees to keep things fully stocked.  Tiny Tower motivates you to keep everything stocked by making the second and third stock items sell for more money.  Once you get items stocked, they will begin selling and earning money to facilitate the building of additional floors.

Now that you understand the basics, the rest of the game is a treadmill of micromanagement – and I love it.  You’ll always want to keep your bitizens as happy as possible, so making sure they have suitable jobs is crucial. There’s also an elevator which requires you to take bitizens to the floor of their choosing.  It might seem superficial, but if you take some time and do a lot of elevator ferrying, you’ll start getting bitizens that give you bonuses, like taking time off restocking items and bringing extra sales to a business.

Tiny Tower has a wonderful pixel-art style and a great chiptune soundtrack that really give the game character. One of my favorite parts of the game is checking out “Bitbook” which is your bitizens version of Facebook, complete with status updates from your tenants (which can give you some insight into your bitizens happiness level).

I did write “freemium” at the start of the review and here’s how it works: restocking items and building new floors takes time (up to a day, from what I’ve heard), but there’s a currency named “tower bux” that you can spend to skip the waiting period. You’ll earn lots of free tower bux over time, but if you are really impatient, you can buy tower bux to help speed the game along. I actually like the fact that there are time limits on things because it allows me to do other things and check back every once in a while to see how my tower is progressing.

Overall, Tiny Tower is very fun, and very addictive. There comes a time with games like this where I’ll get sick of the treadmill, or max everything out and get bored (hello, Game Dev Story – I mastered you), but for now I’m hooked on this game.

Hey, the price is FREE, go pick up Tiny Towers and add me on Gamecenter, my username is Jordanfwc


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