Terraria: Video Game Heroin

So Dave and I have recently been trying out Terraria, and if you’re wondering why we’ve had so few posts in the last week, it’s because we are both addicted at this point.  Terraria, a PC game available on Valve’s Steam service, is 2D Minecraft.  I didn’t want to portray Terraria in this way, but there’s no avoiding it, it is completely based on Minecraft.  I’m not going to explain how Minecraft works in this post (I’ll save the basics for the review), but Minecraft – and by virtue of its shameless emulation – Terraria are sandbox games.  Tasked with doing nothing more than you want to, you’ll merrily chop away at pixelated blocks of dirt and stone to gain materials to craft awesome weapon and armor items.  You can also craft all manner of decorative items to build your own little house, or in our case giant castle.  Those are the core elements of the gameplay, but there is so much more.

Dave and I (with the help of Dave’s friend Owen and hopefully Amos soon) are currently building “New Winterfell.”  Based on the castle from the “Song of Ice and Fire” book series, it’s called New Winterfell because we accidentally lost our first server.  By mining far, far beneath the castle, we’ve amassed enough dirt and stone blocks to build a magnificent fortress, complete with a tower that goes way, way up in the sky (way more than necessary).  We’ve also started our own forest (the Weirwood for you ASOIAF nerds) and mushroom garden to help resupply us with wood and healing items.  Our mine goes down so far we’ve hit lava, and branches off in many different directions.  Part of the joy of the game is digging underground and finding massive networks of caves, many of which contain rare loot.  I could go on forever about the character customization, upgrades, boss characters, loot, enemy types and more, but instead I’m going to go play some more Terraria.  That’s the amazing thing about this game: I actually found myself shunning real-world responsibilities so I could go knock some more blocks apart with my pickaxe.  If you haven’t played Terraria, or if you wanted to try Minecraft but weren’t into the style, I highly suggest trying this game (Minecraft didn’t really interest me, but 2D side-scrolling minecraft? Sold).  But be warned: you will get addicted!


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