Weekly Flashback: Flashback?










Since the name of this whole thing is Flashback I will start it all off with it’s titular game.. (Is there a better word in the English language than ‘titular’?)

FLASHBACK or FLASHBACK: The Quest For Identity (SNES)

one more time…. FLASHBACK!!!


The best way to describe this gem will never be “also fun to watch!”. However, being that I had no choice in the matter, I remember watching my dad and uncle play it feverishly and at later times than I ought to have been awake. You could liken the experience to watching a slightly interesting, almost captivating, just-about-cool movie that pisses its audience off every time the lead character tries to long-jump over a chasm and runs off instead.

Lets TEAR ASS outta here!

The whole story is anything but ordinary.. Unless you’ve seen The Running Man or any other 80’s science fiction movie ever. The basis of it is pretty simple: Our hero, Conrad B. Hart (B for Brett, obviously), is an agent and the only one who can save the world from aliens. The interesting part is that before they steal his memory and kidnapped him, like he feared would happen, he uploaded a copy of his memory with instructions on what to do in case the inevitable happens. He escapes the kidnapping on the space-bike in the image above, only to be met by a giant, flying Polaroid camera with lasers!!!!!!!


So, long story short: Brett Hart escapes the clutches of the sinister Polaroid ship and crash-lands on an unknown planet and loses his Holocube (that contains his memory), finds it again, follows its instructions, does all kinds of crazy shit (including being a contestant on a deadly gameshow) and maybe he saves the planet from absolute doom.

Polaroid Search Party

It wasn’t the first to implement it’s style of gameplay (same developer previously released a great, similar game called Another World) but it was pretty engrossing at the time. The running and jumping is a serious pain in the ass but you (don’t) get used to it. It was cool, though. You had to think about different puzzles/scenarios that included everything from passkeys and bridge keys to. . . Well, I guess that is pretty much the brunt of it.

I liked it, alright? Dammit.

Finally the important parts: his pistol-whipping and his shoes.  It’ll be a conclusion. Lets call it Hilarious Highlights. (click pics for larger view)

Girly 9mm-whipping

You. . Mother. . F. . .

Doesn’t it look like hes giving the alien boots to the skull? And look at the bad-ass motion lines coming from his “9”.. Not to mention his sweet brown leather jacket. Man, Conrad is so street.


Separated at birth?

What in the hell is C.B.H. doing wearing shitty canvas shoes? I know he wasn’t planning on traversing a hugely vertical alien planet, but just in case, maybe? Perhaps if he was a better planner he wouldn’t be in this ridiculous scenario in the first place. If I could make a suggestion for next time?


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