My Time With Bioshock 2, part 1…

So I recently jumped back into the world of Rapture.

Those of you that played the first game will be familiar with what to expect here.  I, unlike most people I know, did not finish the original Bioshock.  However, I DID get pretty damned far.

I remember how much in awe I was of the surroundings and the world created by 2K Games (Now known as Irrational Games) and Ken Levine.  The story of Andrew Ryan really seemed to suck me in.  I had borrowed it from a friend, so I never managed to actually finish the game, however I still to this day remember how much fun I had with it.

Along comes Bioshock 2 – and I havent gotten around to it until now.  I also borrowed this game from a friend (I should really just buy games, right?).  Im not going to go too in depth here in regards to story and design, but after 6 hours in… I found myself struggling to turn the game back on.

You play in the same underwater world of Rapture – however this time developed by 2K Marin.  You play as one of the larger characters from Bioshock 1, known as the “Big Daddy”.  I’m not sure why, but I didnt have the same sense of wonder from the original.  I felt the controls were muddy, and… dare I say it, visually seemed boring.  Strong words, I know.  Let me be clear here though.  I DID enjoy what I played of it, but I just couldnt be compelled to move on.
I found the controls to be extremely slow and unresponsive.  The entire game almost felt like it was in slow motion to me.  However, one of my biggest gripes is not down to the design of Rapture, but the way in which you’re forced to play.

A huge focus of the game is finding Little Sisters and collecting what is called “ADAM”.  During these scenes, you have to defend your Little Sister while she collects.  For some reason, I just couldnt stand to defend one more Little Sister, and thus ending my playtime with Bioshock 2.

Moving on, I shouldnt be so judgemental… but I really had NO motivation to find out what was going to happen in the story.  For some reason, I had no interest to finish this game.

Jordan, A fellow Ganon Fodder contributor, decided he wanted to try it out himself – and apparently hes having a blast.  So I’m gonna leave the actual writeup for him.



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