Tom Clancys’ Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – A Timeline

So E3 is over and theres a little bit too much to digest.  Mostly, this year was focused on the games, and MAN… I gotta say, color me impressed with E3 this year (No laser tag shenanigans!).

One of the games that I’ve been interested in for a LONG time, is Future Solder.  I remember all the Ghost Recon games, and Advanced Warfighter games.  Im a self proclaimed Clancy nut (though Im pretty sure Amos calls me that all the time anyway), so finally seeing a focus on the new Future Soldier; I couldnt have been happier.

I want to show you a video timeline –  in multiple videos of course.  just so you can see how long I’ve been following this, I’m gonna go from teaser to now, and watch for the release dates.  Get a coffee, and put all the vids in HD


First Trailer

Live Action Trailer

e3 2010 Gameplay

e3 2011 Teaser trailer.  Wait, another teaser?

e3 2011 Multiplayer video – no sound + this dude really blows

e3 2011 Kinect funtionality

e3 2011 Finally, some new gameplay

A lot of people will notice what seems to be a drop in visual fidelity… and I cant really explain this.  All I can say is that the 4 player co op and tactics used are what I love most about these types of games.  It’s going to play well, we can already see that.  Im curious how the AI teammates are going to work, but from what I see it looks like the squad dynamics are really important to this game.  Heres hoping you can command you squad using Kinect voice features, as I remember trying that on Rainbow Six Vegas… not a pleasant sight.


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  1. Amos Legault

    Kinect loadout customization shit looks amazing

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