One Chance: Take Ten Minutes and Play this Game

One Chance is an interesting online game that you can play for free on Newgrounds. It’s a mini-adventure game with a focus on tough decisions and branching paths, but the main hook of the game is that you only play it once.

In One Chance, you play as a scientist who has discovered the cure for cancer.  Unfortunately, the cure ends up being a plague itself, and you have seven days to try to reverse the damage.  The premise is simple, but the choices you’ll have to make are not.  Should you go to work and do research in the hope of saving the world?  Or are you better off spending what little time you have left with your wife and daughter?

It’s impossible to review this game (or post any meaningful screenshots) without spoiling it, so instead I am just recommending that you try One Chance.  Remember to consider your choices carefully, as the game will only let you play once (unless you delete your browser cookies, but that takes the fun out of the equation).  I was impressed with how the story drew me in, and was very surprised with my ending.  The music is also excellent, providing a weird, haunting backdrop throughout the experience.  I think One Chance is one of the best free online games around, and I highly recommend checking it out.

Check out One Chance here.


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