Nintendo Unveils New Platform at E3 2011

Wii U

Most of the questions have finally been answered and rumors addressed at E3 2011. The new Nintendo home console has officially been unveiled and will be called the Wii U (pronounced WEEYOO).

As you can see in the crappy blackberry-taken image above; the controller will feature a 6.2″ touch-screen. There will be two analog sticks and a D-pad. It will also feature a camera that will be used to display your embarrassing gameface. It looks like a portable device but they insist it will not be. It will be sort of a hybrid as it seems so far. The controller is really the important part of this platform. The actual console wasn’t really even shown at all. By the small glimpse that was shown, we think it will be very streamline and simple. The Wii U is all about the controller.  The (possibly) revolutionary features shown can mostly be explained by a few more shitty images I took from watching E3 this morning that I will post here.

First I want to tell you a few titles that are planned to be coming out on the Wii U:

Lego City Stories – An open-world Lego city full of Lego vehicles. GTA-inspired we will assume.
Darksiders 2 – Planned to be released on launch.
Arkham City
Assassin’s Creed Revelation
Ghost Recon Online
Aliens: Colonial Marines
Ninja Gaiden 3 (Hardcore gamers?)
The big one… Battlefield: Bad Company 3? I hope so.. Or do I?

The features:

The idea of using the controller in place of your big screen T.V. as if it was a handheld has the potential to be a very interesting one. Handheld gaming is cool but the future of gaming may lie in the possibility of big, real, hardcore platform games being played in your hands while laying in bed. That is, unless you have eyes like mine. The games they were showing were really only examples of what the system will be able to do. They are not actual Wii U games. I will post more details as I hear of them.


You can draw on it

Use the controller in conjunction with your T.V. in interesting ways

Throwing ninja stars from your touch-screen to the T.V.

Use it online

No need for the big screen


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  1. Jordan Pearson

    looks crazy!

  2. Amos Legault

    Not sure what to think about it yet

  3. Jordan Pearson

    Some of the stuff looks useless, like the golf ball thing, but it looks pretty cool overall. I would NOT trust that controller with little kids… hey great work on the banners and stuff dude

  4. Amos Legault

    Thanks man

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