Nidhogg: We Cannot Wait for this Game

My interest in Nidhogg started when it was shown at the Games Developer Conference last year.  It’s a PC game with retro graphics and music.  It’s a 2 player (on the same keyboard) game where you have sword battle.  The goal is to run as far as you can towards your enemies side of the screen.  If you defeat your enemy, you get a few seconds to cross as much distance as you can before the dead player respawns.  If you reach the next screen, the opposing player will respawn.  As far as I can tell, the goal is to try to make past as many screens as you can, but I don’t know what happens when you win.  Oh yeah, you can also THROW YOUR SWORD.  We don’t have a firm release date, but until then here is Nidhogg’s second trailer:



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