Damn Fallout: New Vegas to Hell

I was so stoked for the release of Fallout: New Vegas a couple months ago.  I played Fallout 3 for 40 hours (my friend told me he beat it in eight) and loved every second of it.  The moral grey area that the game examined with many of its decisions was incredibly interesting to me.  Also the completionist/loot addict side of me was hooked as I was determined to play every side quest and collect every piece of scrap metal.  So naturally, when that same friend told me it took him 50 hours to beat New Vegas, I was jumping for joy.  Unfortunately when I actually sat down to play, the game wouldn’t let me get past the 7th hour.

Fallout: New Vegas has been notoriously bug-filled and I expected to see a few myself.  So not surprisingly, 2 hours into my playthrough, my gun got caught on a piece of geometry and disappeared.  I was using a laser pistol and when I tried firing, I discovered that my gun was still there, it was just hovering 30 feet above my head.  At first it was annoying but I decided to stick with it.  It was like having god shoot lasers down from heaven to smite my enemies.  I could also hide behind a wall and still shoot enemies because the gun wasn’t attached to my player, so that was actually pretty cool.


Five hours in I knew I was going to love this game.  It’s very similar to fallout 3, and I immediately re-immersed myself into the Fallout universe. Seven hours in, the fatal bug hit.  While working on a story quest where I was supposed to retrieve an item for an NPC I realized that I couldn’t find the character.  He wasn’t at the spot that my minimap indicated.  Being a long-time gamer, I had encountered problems like this many times before (I’m looking at you S.T.A.L.K.E.R.) so I proceeded to look explore the entire area.  There were no vertical levels, so where was he?  Then, I randomly heard a NPC bark.  Looking around I noticed a structure like a roof of a shed, with a hand sticking out of it.  Upon further examination, I realized this was the NPC I was seeking, trapped under a piece of geometry, and unable to be spoken to.  Seven hours into the game I loved so much, I was forced to quit because I couldn’t proceed with the main story line.  I wanted to like you so much Fallout: New Vegas, but in my eyes you are a catastrophe.


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